Piano Tuner, Piano Repair

My Background


 I have found being a piano tuner to be very rewarding. When you are done working on a piano, you have made it better, leave something noticeable behind.  As a member of the Piano Technicians Guild I strive to make everyone's piano the best it can be. 

Sharing my Passion


As a piano tuner, I believe everyone's piano should be brought up to its full potential when possible. I treat every piano as if it is a concert instrument whether it is setting on stage or in a living room.   Piano repair is part of that care.

Piano moving

Piano Moving


Why take on piano moving?  We started moving pianos when we saw so many  pianos damaged or moved improperly.  We look at your piano as a part of your family and treat it as if it was part of ours.  As a full service shop,  we believe your piano deserves to be pampered.